sfVideoMode sfVideoMode_getDesktopMode(void)#

Get the current desktop video mode.


Current desktop video mode

const sfVideoMode *sfVideoMode_getFullscreenModes(size_t *count)#

Retrieve all the video modes supported in fullscreen mode.

When creating a fullscreen window, the video mode is restricted to be compatible with what the graphics driver and monitor support. This function returns the complete list of all video modes that can be used in fullscreen mode. The returned array is sorted from best to worst, so that the first element will always give the best mode (higher width, height and bits-per-pixel).

  • count – Pointer to a variable that will be filled with the number of modes in the array


Pointer to an array containing all the supported fullscreen modes

sfBool sfVideoMode_isValid(sfVideoMode mode)#

Tell whether or not a video mode is valid.

The validity of video modes is only relevant when using fullscreen windows; otherwise any video mode can be used with no restriction.

  • mode – Video mode


sfTrue if the video mode is valid for fullscreen mode

struct sfVideoMode#
#include <VideoMode.h>

sfVideoMode defines a video mode (width, height, bpp, frequency) and provides functions for getting modes supported by the display device

Public Members

unsigned int width#

Video mode width, in pixels.

unsigned int height#

Video mode height, in pixels.

unsigned int bitsPerPixel#

Video mode pixel depth, in bits per pixels.